Frequently Asked Commercial & Industrial Electrical Questions

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To make things easier for you, MKK Enterprises Inc.’s top commercial and industrial electrician has compiled this list of the most frequently asked questions we receive with answers you may find helpful.

When Is it Time to Call an Electrician?

lectricity can be dangerous and potentially fatal without the proper training and experience. If you suspect there are problems with any electrical system powering your property, call an electrician for a proper assessment right away.

How Do I Know What Size Electrical Service System for my Property?

Determining the size electrical service system for your property involves measuring how much power will be consumed based off of your current building and appliance configurations, or plans for a future build, expansion, or upgrade.

Can I Do Electrical Work on My Own?

Doing electrical work on your own may seem like a good way to save money but it presents the risk of code violations and the potential for fires, electrocution, shock, bodily harm and even death. Protect the health of your employees and investment by seeking out assistance from an experienced professional.

Which Grade of Electrical Outlets Do I Need?

The grade of electrical outlets you will need will depends directly on what is being plugged into them. These range from standard grade to general use, hospital grade, federal grade, and water safe grounded receptacles.

What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is designed to save electrical equipment from high voltage surges of power that are often the result of a sudden change to an electrical circuit.

Do I Need a Surge Protector?

We recommend surge protection in all commercial and industrial applications to prolong the lifetime of your equipment, as well as to protect computer and telecommunication systems from losing data or becoming damaged by a sudden jolt of power.

What Should I Do if My Breaker Panel is Hot?

A hot breaker panel is a sign over overloading and presents a major risk for fire and other possible damage. You should call our electricians right away for further instructions.

Can I Change my Light Switch to a Dimmer Switch?

Most light switches can be changes to a dimmer switch. To do this we will inspect your current fixtures and infrastructure to make sure it will support a dimmer, or suggest re-wiring options to achieve the desired goal.

Does My Property Need to be Rewired?

Your property may need to be rewired if you are operating in an older building that has aluminum or knot and tube wiring, or if you intend to expand, install, or updates appliances and fixtures that will require a larger load running through your system.

Do I Need to Vacate My Property While it’s Being Re-Wired?

It is sometimes but not always necessary to leave your property while it is being re-wired. We offer flexible scheduling to make re-wiring as complementary to your agenda as possible. Ask us for more details on how we can make this work for you.

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